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The Throws' first full-length was a long-time in the making. Please enjoy responsibly.


released December 14, 2010


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



The Throws Los Angeles

After releasing their first LP in December 2010, The Throws have been performing regionally in the southwestern U.S., quickly earning a rep for strong live shows and great songwriting.

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Track Name: Want You Back
take a ride, on the right
give yourself to a sign
whisper sins to the night
let your anger to the sea

cuz you're gold
and you know there's nothing left here
i want you back...

was it always this way?
was it ever easy?
now don't cage what you need to see free
comes a time, a way, that everybody learns

just let go, so you go
and you know there's nothing left here
i want you back...

so you come alive
won't you come alive, again?
but you don't and you wont
now come on...
Track Name: Invitation
please come in, sink into your sink
now begin to find your own way in

a sun comes down
a night storm spins you around
and everyone is waiting on you now

so turn around, take your seat
you can't belong to in-between
i believe the life you lead
is where you find the things you need

awake again, find a new way in
lose or win you know you can't give in

but sounds collide,
they twist you up inside
and everyone is waiting on you now

you're a white light
when you're on.

everything your eyes have seen
all the things you once believed
like rain came down your window pane
the first time that you ever felt that way
it all feels colder, yea you wake up feeling older

a tide swells high underneath a moonlit sky
and you notice something waiting for you now...

so turn around
but you can't turn around
cuz you know there's no way back
to where you came from
so shine a light for us.
Track Name: Dear
love, look what you've done
tearing the layers away
that i suffered to build-up

stuck and around
you opened my eyes awake
when i felt like laying down

you give me hope
i love it when you say, "it's ok..."

love, look what you've done
tearing the sheets away
i don't want to get up

and when i'm found
i'm testing the waves again
sometimes a fool wins-out

you give me hope
i love it when you say "it's ok"

thank you
i love you

now look what you've done
oh dear
Track Name: My Sugar
a comet, i'm on it
a chronic harmonic wave set free
i need it, i bleed it
i feed it or let it lay, it gets me

the sugar is weighing down on me
the sugar is weighing me down

street signs, night light
outside i am a plebe, but it's a start
atomic, i'm on it
it's chronic, a sonic wave sets me free

oh no, here i go
always the first to blow
i know i'm a mess
yea i'm a wreck

atomic, i'm on it
it's chronic, i want it
a comet, i'm on it
i want it, i want it, i want it.
Track Name: Sunrising
one endless moment
we set back time
we lose our places
we find our stride

so trace your beginning
steady yourself

sun came slowly
it warms my skin

now find something precious
hold it inside.
Track Name: Seizures
in a room somewhere, up a long flight of stairs
i'll be waiting there for you
in an old oak chair, through a glass I stare
i show the world no care

am i sinking, am i floating
the world shows no remorse

i am found inside, i am bright behind
dark skin, dark eyes
it's a dark world where my heart shines

so where are you darling?
think i'm falling
i know you're somewhere there... and i'm calling

days come, days go
by my window
i try you know... save me.
cuz i'm barely breathing, i'll be alright
tear me open, yea you see my blood shine

i've been thinking
i need more patience
the seizures tax me
please, come find me
Track Name: No Need
i'm sorry to say i don't need you now
and really it's not as bad as it sounds
it could be the way that i'm feeling right now
i'm feeling better, and you're not around

i knew you were bored with the way i adored
i started to wonder what i'm working for
you weighed it and waited, created a show
then you ran-off with your average joe
aww, that's cold

and the ground was shaking
but the waves kept breaking
and you dropped me just in time

well my hands are shaking
but the fever's breaking
and i guess it's just my time

i wasn't the type to ever keep score
i showed you The Beatles
you showed me the floor
i waited around for an ounce of relief
i waited and waited and now there's no need

yea everything faded
so do what you need.
Track Name: Start Again
washed out to see in your doubt
beneath a dark cloud, it's grey
sleep sound, put your head down
let the world drown in rain

we get washed away
we get lost again
we can always come back home

lights fade, another lost day
gave it away again
so let down, give up your ground
don't make a sound
just wait

if we got washed away
we could start again.
Track Name: Sunside (feat. John Lefler)
woke up so dry, armies outside on parade
yea it's alright
dirty sunshine, burn these old skies
give us rain, so yea we get by

now turn the porchlight off
lay down on my couch
the summer's fading now
yea you're on your own alone

in the sunshine, in the white light
you believe you're fine (sunside)
a pretender on a bender
you're sunside down

they give you riff rock
fed you loud soft
gave you rhyme, so yea you feel fine
and like a tick-tock
your secrets spin you back in time
you get by

so let the blood drain down
put your knees to ground
the liquor's fading now
yea, you're on your own alone

so when the strip goes dark
on every fading star
a kamikaze plays guitar
along the empty boardwalk

so kiss the ground and pray for time
you look around and lose your mind
carved in the sign you see the signs all say
"we're doing fine".
Track Name: One Man Show
you see me and you push on through
you faded fast in time, i missed you
i followed, you were gone
should've known it all along
you were waiting for a song to start the day

anyway it's true
i set my my mind on you
lucky boy, that's you
look at you
it's a beautiful thing.

i was asked "what's a wonderwall"
i thought, it's a one man show
on a one-lane road

i stood there at the end
with my one and only friend
we were waiting for a song to start again

so strange, it's true
i set my mind on you
lucky boy, that's you
look at you
it's a beautiful thing

you're such a beautiful thing
to me.

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